We trust in the strength of feminisms that are transforming everything through a diverse array of practices, languages and situations. We each come from different trajectories of activism and research, and put these elements into play in order to immerse ourselves in the collective tides. We feel a need to make a space for ourselves, among each other; to make time among allies, to build ourselves a structure of complicities; in short, to produce resources that might allow us to continue meeting each other. We want to extend the relay of encounters that has allowed us to connect from one end of the world to the other, keeping us entwined and aware of what is going on here and there, inventing new forms of transnationalism and sustaining our daily struggles.
For all these reasons, we have given ourselves a task: to nurture spaces of research that bring us together to broaden and refine our potency. These are spaces that cobble together geographies, generations, languages and experiences, like living matter in a compost: a vital compost of feminisms in motion, enriching lands and terrains, sedimenting.


Here we bring together publications by people linked to La Laboratoria, as well as books, notes and podcasts reflecting the research produced in the framework of La Laboratoria. We hope these materials will extend the transnational conversations already underway between feminist activists in different places.


La Laboratoria organizes events to share the analysis and practices emerging from different experiences of feminist struggle, as well as the results of the research initiatives, in hopes of encouraging the circulation of analysis and debates at a global level, cross-pollinating ideas and first-hand knowledge from different local realities.


The nodes of our network are rooted in specific places; from those places they organize trips and encounters, produce and accompany situated research, encourage discussion, publish materials, seek local funding and disseminate publications.

The Grupo de Investigación Intervención Feminista (GIIF) is an interdisciplinary collective of research and action in the field of feminist economics. From this perspective it addresses problems along three principle lines: work, violence and political practice. Through our work we hope to produce knowledge and contribute to building conceptualizations and diagnoses within the feminist movement. We work in alliance with feminist and union organizations, and organize sessions for training and debate in a range of contexts.

The Quito node is grouped around La Flor de Guanto, a feminist discussion and learning community and a magazine of the same name. Some women also participate in feminist and ecological collectives and initiatives such as Mujeres de Frente, Acción Ecológica, La Red Universitaria contra el Acoso Sexual, el Colectivo de Geografía Crítica, and others. Some of us work and study in universities, others earn a living accompanying activist processes through research-action. The majority of us are in Quito, and although some have left they remain with us in a thousand different ways. We come together against patriarchal violence, the dispossession and criminalization of women and impoverished persons, extractivism and conservative fundamentalisms. But above all, we conspire to knit relations of mutual aid in diversity and adversity, uniting ourselves with others. We conspire to make ourselves stronger and freer, together.

The New York node is still taking shape. We are motivated by the idea of creating spaces of accompaniment, intervention and situated research that articulate the work of different collectives. We hope to co-generate encounters and workshops, promote the creation of methodologies and tools that support the knowledges generated in struggle and explore these diverse narratives in visual and audio formats.

From the Madrid node we hope to promote and accompany processes of situated feminist research, co-producing materials and encounters that tell other stories from positions of struggle and rebellion in the language of the participants themselves, in order to shed light on more promising worlds and thereby orient our actions. We work in conversation and collaborations with a web of allies in the city and beyond.

The Porto Alegre node is taking shape. We are driven by the desire to build multiple interventions, share networks and experiences, create plural spaces and encourage activist research. We accept the challenge of intellectual practices that are specific interventions, seeking semantics capable of confronting the present through the radical materiality of bodies and creating new ways of living in common. We work to analyze the world through antiracist and anticolonial feminist perspectives, as a point of departure from which to build alliances, encounters, workshops, writings and translations, and as a way to develop rebel strategies to orient our actions.


Allies and advisors, theorists and well-known activists with a long history of feminist organizing, research and writing, offer inspiration and accompaniment to collectives and activists undertaking research. They participate in encounters and collective production laboratories.