La Laboratoria is a transnational mechanism to support feminist activist research

Research undertaken by people situated in diverse territories and involved in specific struggles and conflicts, with languages and questions that are both different and common. Research that applies feminist ways of looking and feminist irreverence to the most dissimilar processes, overspilling the pigeon-hole of “women’s issues”.

We are present in five cities (Buenos Aires, Quito, New York, Porto Alegre and Madrid) and from those points:

  • We promote activist research from within the feminist groundswell, as a situated theoretical practice that allows us collectively to draw maps of position and analysis.
  • We nurture networks of collaboration and exchange between different practices that seek to develop and conceptualize their own political experiences.
  • We encourage the circulation of analysis and debates at a global level, between different experiences and trajectories.
Our intention is to quite literally serve as a Laboratory for situated theoretical production that circulates as transnationally as the struggles themselves.