Project Description

“We—women, trans, queer folks, feminized bodies and subjects— already, in our everyday lives, make time multiply, we cook, we clean, we care, we teach, we think, we write, all at the same time. It is not only that we have multiple working days—the work outside the home (which of course is now inside of the home for many of us), the work in the home, the work in the community or the political organization—but that we do all of it simultaneously, our multiple working days overlap, at the same time.

The feminist strike puts a stop to all of these multiple times, the proliferation of tasks and timelines, to-do lists and shopping lists, the multiple, simultaneous, working days, that go on without stop all day everyday. In the feminist strike: we stop. We stop cooking, cleaning, teaching, writing, serving, caring for others and thinking about others’ problems. We stop fulfilling gender roles, we stop inhabiting certain positions, we stop being submissive, we stop sacrificing ourselves, we stop being victims. We stop letting our time be defined by their clocks, their deadlines, their curfews.” 

Read/ download Our Time/Our Strike. Tools for Thinking & Mapping the Feminist Strike

edited and introduced by Liz Mason-Deese
texts by Verónica Gago, Marta Malo and Counter-cartographies Collective
front cover illustration by Josh MacPhee, 2017,
back cover illustration by Estefanía Rivera for AgitArte, 2020,