Historically women moved with our tribes, seeking rivers with water where they could plant. So what is new is not our exodus seeking places for livable lives that can be celebrated; rather the novelty is the racist and heteropatriarchal policies that illegalize our lives and make us vulnerable, condemning our bodies and our stories through many forms of violence: institutional and social, public and private, imposed by our peers. States and their laws, their internal borders and the borders they stretch into the territories from which we flee, illegalize our presence in their territories in order to impede us from organizing, from recognizing ourselves in others. We opt to interpellate all the feminisms that are willing to be touched by our lives and weave complicities with us. We want to build, together with multiple radical feminisms, specific ways of cracking the narratives that represent us and try to govern us as victims. We are fugitives, and with our movement we challenge the same ‘-isms’ that you too fight against; let us find the interstices in which our struggles connect.